TERA Ankara

TERA ANKARA is an engineering and consultancy company, serving as advisor to management boards, professionals, seeking to seize or create opportunities, building and enhancing critical relations, articulating brands and priorities, having and/or preserving permission to operate in any field in Turkey and managing crises whenever needed. TERA ANKARA has involved in many European Union, World Bank, European Investment Bank, UNICEF etc.
Our organizations’ mission is:
– to develop projects to empower young people to actively participate in society
– to bring innovative methods and practices for youth training in order to contribute to building better societies
– to produce and transmit knowledge through research and education to promote science, engineering and culture
– to properly respond to meeting the social, cultural, educational and developmental needs of society with dedication to the principles of viable development and social cohesion
– to contribute to the shaping of responsible citizens capable of dealing with all fields of human endeavor based on their scientific, professional and cultural adequacy while having respect for justice, freedom, democracy and solidarity
– to provide environment for the development and dissemination of new knowledge and the promotion of new researchs through cooperation with national and international organizations, institutions, enterprises and universities
– to contribute the implementation of equal rights and equal opportunities and practices regardless of gender, race and origin.
TERA Ankara has a strategic goal to improve the quality of the educational processes in parallel with the knowledge promotion through research and programmes exploiting national and/or European funds.

Our organization is a partner of Training Of Youth for Preparedness Against Marine Induced Hazards (TROYO) Project under Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships. Our Project has started on January 1, 2016 and aims to combine scientific excellence of professionals in Coastal Engineering field with enunciable skills in marine hazards for youth to endeavor a better understanding of marine hazards and their effects of human life and manmade coastal structures and prepare guidelines and online tools for safety and preparedness. The main objective is training of younger by young on preparedness against marine events and protection of coastal utilization and environment.
Another Project of our organization under Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships is I’MAPPY is an integration map especially for young refugees who don’t have access to social and basic information about the asylum country or has no parents or families. I’MAPPY will pin Youthwork organizations that shall provide social and basic information to young refugees as well as able to provide popular language lessons to the young refugees. From language learning to the recognition of qualifications, education is a part of the solution throughout the integration process. I’MAPPY will pin NGOs which have engaged with and support minority groups and migrant workers into employment through job shadowing, work placement, employer engagement and vocational language training and employability skills development.